Raisbeck’s Crown Wing Lockers give you the extra storage needed outside the cabin without any performance penalty on the aircraft. You can accommodate oversize luggage, skis, and full-size golf bags, giving you more flexibility for storing cargo and miscellaneous articles outside the cabin. Crown Doors are also available for retrofit on previously installed Nacelle Wing Lockers.


  • Certified for 600 lbs (300 lbs per locker) in nearly 17 cubic feet of stowage space
  • Carry oversized luggage and full size golf bags
  • FAA-certified for FAR Part 135 operations
  • Free up seats for additional passengers
  • Save on interior wear and tear
  • Watertight, lock-and-key security


  • Lightweight composite construction allows for infinite-life structural certification
  • Aerodynamically area-ruled to minimize drag
  • Fully self-contained for a clean and dry locker interior
  • Removable in minutes for airplane maintenance or inspections